For Students and Schools

Adirondack Youth Summit Students

Getting Started - First step?  Energy audit is one way to go>>>
Heat -
School heat can be a place to save and stay warm>>>
Renewable Energy -
School power naturally>>>
Windows -  Shut the windows on energy bills>>>
Transportation - How do we get there?>>>
Saving Electricity -
As much as 40% of energy is used for nada>>>
Food -
Grow for your school>>>
Training for educators - Learn where you can learn to promote smarter choices>>>

Schools can play a pivotal role in our communities. They can model new ideas, help us all learn, and they can cut energy bills so money can be spent elsewhere. The Adirondack Youth Climate Summit is the place out schools are getting together each year to compare notes and generate new ideas for their schools. You can see the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit site here. You can like the Youth Summit on Facebook

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